Secret Asian Man (grandmapa) wrote in sokabubble,
Secret Asian Man

Farewell Faculty

which teachers do you know that wont be teaching at Soka in the future? what did they teach? will you miss them?

William Fitzpatrick
Instrumental Music, taught here for 4 years and started a chamber ensemble at Soka. I will miss him

Noriko Williams
Japanese language and pronunciation. one of the few, full-time, language professors and put in so much extra time and dedication for her classes including creating worksheets to explain things that the textbook didn't. I'll miss her

Hari-Canta (?) Ogren
Japanese language. never had her but i hear she's a really good professor

Chieko Miyama
Japanese Language. she was so sweet and I had a lot of good memories in her class. she continued working hard despite her medical needs

Toshio Whelchel
a really radical teacher that loves his yellow glasses. i was put off by his bluntness at first but i feel he showed a different side of politics to me and it makes me sad that so many people don't like him
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