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I'm sorry you guys...

Hey Hey!! I have been having a goooood day. I finished my Hamlet paper for Literature class last night and I didn't even take allll night. I wasn't too stressed cuz I knew what I was gonna say and I just had to say it. I went to Chemistry today and I understood the stuff we were talking about and that in itself is a MAJOR accomplishment. Then after class I came back and slept for a while and then took a shower and then went to dinner. BUT, I realized something that isn't quite so good. Since Ni has been talking to me again and wanting to hang out with me so much, I tend to make hanging out with him my priority. That is sooo not good. I am really sorry, especially to Kaori, for not being a good friend. I just realized after dinner tonight that I tend to be clingy to him and it's not good for me, for my other friends, and for my relationship with Ni. I think he realizes it too, cuz when we were walking back from dinner he said, "Hey, I have a question. Hmm...this is gonna sound weird. If a friend... Nevermind." I think he feels like I hang out with him too much and I think it doesn't bother him, but he can probably tell it isn't a good thing. SOOOO...I am going to be a better friend to my other friends from now on. I will still talk to Ni and hang out with him of course, but I will be more attentive and considerate to my other friends. I need to get my head straight and realize what is really important.
SO, I have a pretty crazy weekend ahead of me again. Tomorrow is only Japanese and then I think I will start my paper for Amex. It's due Monday. And Saturday will be consumed by Student Festival. And Sunday is a homework day. Woohoo. And only 3 days of class next week!! YAYYAY!! But, I don't know when we can go shopping for food for Thanksgiving. =S I am afraid we will have to go Wednesday night and I hope they aren't out of food by then...I have to take Azumi to Mitsuwa because she is gonna make Japanese food. And then I have to go to a regular grocery store to get other food. I think this is gonna be sooo much fun, as long as we can pull it off. If nothing else, we will have turkey. =P Well, I am gonna go start on my homework and then I have a student festival meeting at 9. Woohoo!! Ok, well, I love you guys!! <333
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