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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
2:01 am
congrats to the first graduating class!!


Friday, April 29th, 2005
7:47 am
Hi again, I was just wondering if anyone could share their story; how they heard about SUA, why they chose SUA, and what their admission process was like? I know these can be time-consuming questions, and SUA students are really busy, especially during these times, but I'd appreciate it even if you could only answer one (placing the emphasis on the question about admission, :)).

I was also wondering if anyone was admitted through early admission?


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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
2:09 am
Who will be the next Dean of Faculty??
If anyone went to the forum today, they would know how intense that forum was...I mean the canididates were all well qualified; James Williams, Ed Feasel, Jon Merzel, and MIcheal Golden...

But I think the best one would be either James WIlliams or Ed feasel because i think they were the most experienced and well-organized :D Those are the two I would choose. Although I like the ideas of Micheal Golden and Jon Merzel. Aargh! this is going to be really difficult...

What do you guys think?

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
8:36 pm
Hi, I'm a junior in high school and a prospective student of SUA. I just returned from my visit to the SUA this morning. I've known about SUA for a while, ever since it began it's building process and the like; I've read about it, I've seen pictures of it, but my first-hand experience was truly wonderful. Does anyone post here anymore?

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Thursday, April 14th, 2005
2:24 pm
More changes...
I'll miss Noriko Williams also. She was an amazing teacher.

Michael Hayes: He's taking a sabbitical for the fall semester.

Laura Edles: She was offered a full-time position, but declined because she was offered more money somewhere else.

I'm not sure of anyone else...

I hope all these changes will be great. I hope...

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12:44 pm
Farewell Faculty
which teachers do you know that wont be teaching at Soka in the future? what did they teach? will you miss them?

William Fitzpatrick
Instrumental Music, taught here for 4 years and started a chamber ensemble at Soka. I will miss him

Noriko Williams
Japanese language and pronunciation. one of the few, full-time, language professors and put in so much extra time and dedication for her classes including creating worksheets to explain things that the textbook didn't. I'll miss her

Hari-Canta (?) Ogren
Japanese language. never had her but i hear she's a really good professor

Chieko Miyama
Japanese Language. she was so sweet and I had a lot of good memories in her class. she continued working hard despite her medical needs

Toshio Whelchel
a really radical teacher that loves his yellow glasses. i was put off by his bluntness at first but i feel he showed a different side of politics to me and it makes me sad that so many people don't like him
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
12:18 pm
could use some editing

Being disabled these past few weeks has made me view this
school in a whole new perspective and also made me realize a few things about
life in general. Growing up, I’ve always been dependent on my mom but that
changed as I got older and got a car. I can take myself to school, to practice,
pick up my sister, go grocery shopping, run errands, etc and that
independent-ness of mine has carried over to this day. During that time I
developed this attitude that if I wanted anything done right I would need to do
it myself or if I didn’t do it myself I’d have to watch over it. I guess you
could say that I developed into a control freak. If there was something I could
do myself I would do it.

             However, with a broken foot my mobility has
greatly suffered. Crutches took away the use of my arms and the ability to
travel long distances, however, it gave people the impression that I was ok.
When I got the wheelchair from the nurse, things kind of changed. This school,
I’ve realized, is not ideal for the handicapped. With all the hills and slopes
moving around can be strenuous. Ramps make my traveling distances nearly double
in length and takes up so much time. If I didn’t have the use of my other foot
I don’t think I would be able to open the doors to the dorm. You try swiping
your key and then making it to the handle and opening the door before it locks.
It took me several tries before I was finally able to do it the first time—but
I had to use my foot so I kind of cheated. Also, I am limited to some of my
favorite places on campus. Whenever I have a class in Gandhi, I love to go down
the steps and walk by the lotus ponds. However, in a wheelchair I am forced to
go around and admire the ponds from a distance. Such a small pleasure, yet I
never noticed it until it was taken away from me. Going up down the grand
stairway at the Ikeda Library was always a powerful experience for me. It is
the place of one of my first memories of SUA. When I walked by the stairs the
first time I would just look up and be in awe at the sight of something so
large and grand. It brought me back to the first time I visited the ruins of
Angkor Wat and looked up at the tallest tower with the clouds passing by. I
felt like I could touch the heavens. But now, I have to take the elevator and
stare at a grey, metal door. The people make it much easier, always so eager to

But people think I am helpless. I
don’t blame them; a person in a wheelchair is a pitiful sight. Everywhere I
went people wanted to help me and make sure I was ok. This kind of attention
was one that I hadn’t received since graduated from kindergarten. All of a
sudden I could no longer open doors by myself, check my mail, or even use the
bathroom in the eyes of everyone else. When they saw me stand on my other
(good) leg the general reaction was pure shock. I guess it must be easy to
forget that I only had one bad foot. Sometimes, people wouldn’t even ask to
help me—they just would. People on their way to class would go out of their way
to open a door or walk me back to my room. The first week I was so appreciative
of everyone’s caring nature but as the weeks went on it started to get on my
nerves. This must what so many disabled people feel to have the world pity them
so much. I had heard stories of disabled people reacting violently to those
that tried to help them and at the time I thought. “They’re only trying to
help. How ungrateful can a person be?” But now I think I can understand what it
must be like; to be a grown adult and still be treated like a child. Children
tell us all the time, “No, I can do it myself” yet we keep insisting that they
can’t do it themselves, they’re still just children. We don’t take them
seriously because they’re so much younger than us. I wonder how much of that
attitude doesn’t change with someone our own age.


Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
9:05 pm
I just wanted to say to you guys, thank you for this wonderful experience of making the yearbook. I know in the beginning I kinda dragged you guys into it, but you are such awesome and dedicated friends, you stuck with it and we made an amazing book. I know we aren't completely done, but we have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Although Michelle drove us crazy most of the time, we didn't lose our minds (maybe cuz they were already gone :P). But seriously, I don't think this book would have been made if it were a different group of people doing it. You are awesome and we are awesome!! I love you guys soo much!! <3333 Thanks.

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
8:59 pm
Spring 2005 Spirit Rally
yeeey!!! sophomores won!! i thought we got third at first but i have bad hearing...we won!!
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
3:37 pm
Why to this day an angel sits on top of the Christmas Tree
So, one day long ago, everybody is getting ready for Christmas. An angel comes up to Santa Claus and asks "Santa, where do you want me to put the Christmas tree?"

Santa, being busy at the time said "I don't know, I'll worry about that later."

But the little angel kept bothering him. "Santa! Where does this Christmas tree go? I need to know! Where do you want me to put the Christmas tree, Santa!?"

Santa, in a fit of rage finally yelled back. "You wanna know where you can put the Christmas tree? I'll tell you exactly where you can put the god damn Christmas tree..."

...And that is why the angel sits on top of the Christmas tree to this day.
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
9:01 pm
Umoja; the spirit of togetherness
so i'm writing here instead of my regular lj cuz i kinda don't want my sister to read. although if she's bored she'll be snoopy enough and probably find this place anyhow. in which case, i say HI JOLIE!

so as i'm sure everyone knows, they sent a mass email about it, i won the speech contest. i honestly don't know how to react. i think i'm still consumed by nervousness of having to say it from memory again but this time in front of the whole student body. it makes me woozy just thinking about it. if anyone wants i can send them the speech, translation included :p. i've been more consistant with daily gongyo and i notice the emotional impact it's had on my life and sometimes i wonder if i'm reaching one of my goals. which brings me to my next point. i notice hiro's been following me a lot lately, but it's probably my overactive imagination getting the best of me again. i can't help but think about guys all the time either. i know the founder says that study is our number 1 priority, but i don't think that applies all the time. if i concentrated on my studies all the time then i wouldn't be happy. and right now i feel i deserve some emotional goodness. and boba. let's get boba everyone. i think asked you all already though....we need to promote this to other SUA students with livejournal and really get the ball rolling. i guess i'm having random thoughts right now.....things i haven't said that i would rather now say now. maybe i just don't know how to act around guys at all or i don't know what guys normally act like or....oh screw this.

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7:54 pm
I'm sorry you guys...
Hey Hey!! I have been having a goooood day. I finished my Hamlet paper for Literature class last night and I didn't even take allll night. I wasn't too stressed cuz I knew what I was gonna say and I just had to say it. I went to Chemistry today and I understood the stuff we were talking about and that in itself is a MAJOR accomplishment. Then after class I came back and slept for a while and then took a shower and then went to dinner. BUT, I realized something that isn't quite so good. Since Ni has been talking to me again and wanting to hang out with me so much, I tend to make hanging out with him my priority. That is sooo not good. I am really sorry, especially to Kaori, for not being a good friend. I just realized after dinner tonight that I tend to be clingy to him and it's not good for me, for my other friends, and for my relationship with Ni. I think he realizes it too, cuz when we were walking back from dinner he said, "Hey, I have a question. Hmm...this is gonna sound weird. If a friend... Nevermind." I think he feels like I hang out with him too much and I think it doesn't bother him, but he can probably tell it isn't a good thing. SOOOO...I am going to be a better friend to my other friends from now on. I will still talk to Ni and hang out with him of course, but I will be more attentive and considerate to my other friends. I need to get my head straight and realize what is really important.
SO, I have a pretty crazy weekend ahead of me again. Tomorrow is only Japanese and then I think I will start my paper for Amex. It's due Monday. And Saturday will be consumed by Student Festival. And Sunday is a homework day. Woohoo. And only 3 days of class next week!! YAYYAY!! But, I don't know when we can go shopping for food for Thanksgiving. =S I am afraid we will have to go Wednesday night and I hope they aren't out of food by then...I have to take Azumi to Mitsuwa because she is gonna make Japanese food. And then I have to go to a regular grocery store to get other food. I think this is gonna be sooo much fun, as long as we can pull it off. If nothing else, we will have turkey. =P Well, I am gonna go start on my homework and then I have a student festival meeting at 9. Woohoo!! Ok, well, I love you guys!! <333

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
7:42 pm
i can't help it....i feel frustrated with this school a lot
Monday, November 1st, 2004
5:38 pm
Haunted House
what'd you guys think about the haunted house?

Anna sent this email today....what do you think?

Hello to all organizers and participants.

This year’s Haunted House was obviously a success, and I’m glad to have been part of it. However, I have a serious issue to bring up: insufficient concern for the welfare of the volunteer monsters.

It is unacceptable that so many of us got injured.

In particular, I would like to address the injuries obtained simply from conscientiously following instructions. Let me illustrate this issue in my case. I was in the Trapped Room. To simulate being trapped, among other things we hit the plexiglass with our palms as the customers walked by. The problem with that is, you may not feel much from hitting it a few times, but try to hit it a dozen times, and your palms start to sting. Hit the glass a dozen more times, and your palms become really tender. I did it for four hours, with one 10 minute break. My hands hurt so bad that I had to use other body parts. I now have huge bruises on my shoulders and hips, and can officially check into the Battered Women’s Shelter. Sunday I couldn’t walk.

Now, before anyone shrugs this off as “part of the game”, let me say this: you know how everyone was concerned about possible liability for any injury to the customers? Well, this is just as serious. Requesting a volunteer to perform an impact stunt over and over for four hours, without any protection, preparation, safety instruction, or even a warning, is gross negligence.

The organizers of next year’s Haunted House must make the concern for the wellbeing of the volunteers a priority as high as the safety of the customers. Do whatever is necessary to minimize the physical damage done by impact stunts and screaming. The key is to be aware of this issue, because there are all kinds of simple solutions, like using padding and props, and performing the more strenuous stations in shifts. Maybe the drama people can give some ideas about not losing the voice. At the very least, have the volunteers sign a waiver form.

2:00 pm
I hate how some people can make you feel. I like being silly and goofy...it keeps me from being depressed all the time. But, sometimes people can just give you a look or not even look, they can ignore you and it just totally ruins your mood. I hate it. I hope people know that when I give them the look, I am completely joking. I love my friends and I never intend to hurt anyone's feelings. I hate it when I feel like shit because of someone else. I feel like I shouldn't let how people think of me affect me, but it does. And it hurts sometimes. Especially when the person who does it is a "friend." It sucks even more when you question if they really are a friend. They are definitely not a good friend. Ahhh... I hate shitheads. Thank you to my friends who read this, cuz I know you guys are all amazing and I couldn't make it through my days without your hugs, smiles, and kindness. I love you. Sooooo much. I don't know how to express how much I really appreciate you guys, but I reallly reallly do!!! MUAH!!

P.S. I just talked to my mom and she is gonna buy and send us a turkey for Thanksgiving!!! YAY!!! It will be sooooo much fun!!! Wooohoo!! Ok...love you guys!!! <3333

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Friday, October 29th, 2004
7:20 pm
Yay!! I love my friends in the Soka Bubble! You guys are the greatest people in the world, and if I am stuck in a bubble, I am soo glad it is with you guys!! I love youuuuuuuuu!! If you guys ever need to talk, I am here. Oh yea...we need to do something this weekend! Who's up for Mitsuwa and boba? That sounds like fun, ne? I think it would be good bonding time!! By the way, I love the picture!! ;) OK, gotta go cheer up now. Love you guys!! <3333

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Thursday, October 28th, 2004
3:23 am
このコムーニティによこそう!remember, to post you have to join the community! to join go to the info page and click the l ink that says join this community.....so yeah....uh....soka! 0_o
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